links into this. Map piece from Young Lindy, the cabin boy. up the rope and use the crowbar on the box. Go up to the lady of Voodoo and ask her about Wally's potion. Continue walking along the pier to the west until you see the laundry with the clothes hanging up. Take the Vanilla Envelope from the shelf and then open it to find a Bottle o’ Near-Grog. Naturally, Now spit at the shield to your right on the right Give her the book The sun will shine a spot on the far wall of the cottage. Herman Toothrot, a character from the previous game, is sitting in a camp to the right. stomache. Walk to the left to the path and go to the Governor’s Mansion. Defeat LeChuck! discovered gaping hole." Here follows a short list of all the important options: PC Requirements: Windows XP /Vista, Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 3000+, 256 MB RAM/512 MB for Vista, 1.8 GB available hard disk space, 128 MB with Shader Model 2.0 capability graphics card, DirectX 9. you need to go to the swamp so leave town when you're ready. Use the same method for getting of the oar. There seem to be more variations. Make your way back to Woodtick and enter the hotel. When he does he’ll bend over revealing his underwear. mansion. the brick marked by the light, then grab the map and leave through the He’s gone but he’s left a message carved into his table. Take the Small String from the table and walk to the east to speak with the Voodoo Lady. Now just go back inside and push Speak to the guard blocking the stairs and tell him there’s a fire in the kitchen. You'll easily win (since the place sisters should know what to do next. on the east shore. About these hints. Find the room with the broken grog machine and use both the Surgical Gloves with the helium tank. then again to make a complete circuit, and enter the door. you enter the Spitting Contest area. at Pegbitter's bowl and then pick up the Cheese Squiggles. When you try to take it LeChuck will catch you and hang you alongside Wally over an acid pit. Go back to Mad Marty's and redeem the Talk to the Spitmaster to have another go. Go back to the map and head to the beach. Unfortunatly, you need a fishing pole How many times can that bloated old fool die? Use the Fishing Pole on the map piece and Guybrush will pull up the second map piece but it will get taken away by a seagull. The rib bone is connected to the leg bone”. Blow the Horn to distract everyone and use the flags to move them a little closer. Go back to the first alley and after the contestant wins play the game. come out and start yelling at you. She thanks you, then leaves. Take the Plank and use it on the hole further up. Pick up the Broken Oar, head back to your ship and sail to Scabb Island. and under the skull thing. Copyright © mind. The head bone is connected to the rib bone Go to the bar, but don't enter through the main hatchway. Freeola has over 1,700 walkthroughs for 12,348 games. collected the...ah, crap. until you find "Ash-2-LifeTM.". Take the Dynamite from the chest. Guybrush will switch your book with the Famous Pirate Quotations book. Stuck in Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, or need a hint? Give him a Map Piece and he’ll agree to put it together if you go to the Voodoo Hut and collect his love potion. to the shop owner. Place the Bucket o’ Mud on top of the door. Speak with the fisherman and boast about what a great fisherman you are. Prepare to die.” He challenges you to a drinking contest. no option but to retrieve it. You now have Walk to the card catalogue and browse through it. Ask about the stew, The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, achievements, and secrets for Monkey Island 2: Special Edition - LeChuck's Revenge for Xbox 360. the plank and get the oar, repeat as necessary until Guybrush figures it the lid. make sure you OPEN THE JUJU BAG. Repeat for the next three verses. Go to the Woodsmiths and pick up the Hammer and Nails. Young Lindy's Map Piece. For instance, if the first verse is: Finally, you'll come to a room with a big door. first. Once there, use the Crypt Key with the Crypt. Open the barrel and Guybrush will find a Cracker. Click on the dialogue option “I’ll have to remember that.” Go to the ‘PQR’ drawer and find “Recipes, Voodoo “The Joy of Hex”. The rope will break and Guybrush falls down into a dark room. Notice Use the ship horn and wait for the Leave the store and speak to the Woman in the Big Hat. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. You’ll win first place and receive a Plaque. A platform raises out of the water and takes For Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge on the PC, GameFAQs has 16 guides and walkthroughs. Now pick up the plank, and put it in the next sequencial ... Anywho, this game is a worthy bearer of the Monkey Island name. Other pirates tell me there's no escape. and eventually he'll hop back out. : Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner Cay FAQ/Walkthrough Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner Cay FAQ/Walkthrough by dark52 … Head to the left-ish area and go to the waterfall. During the chat choose the dialogue option to “tear the leg off the voodoo doll”. End the conversation and he’ll give you a Hankie. Find the door that has an arm, head and rib from top to bottom and open that door. Before heading out to find one, walk around the back of the Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge is the sequel to The Secret of Monkey Island and follows the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood as he hunts for the treasure known as the Big Whoop. Get the dynamite that's in Leave and go down the hatch. Ask for the three books that you found and she’ll go and get them for you. Go back to the room with the helium tank and fill up the Balloon with helium. Walk up the steps and use the Leaflet on the wanted poster. You’ll also get a Crazy Straw. To see where you are, light the matches Go back to Woodtick and head to the Inn. Part I: The Largo Embargo. Speak to the Spitmaster once more. However, Grab it, and then skip town. Use the rope to be lifted back up to the surface. Comments? A remake was made in 2010 for the PC and released later in 2017 for the Xbox One. Go back to the boat and sail to Booty Island. Read the sign next to the door and then push the garbage can. at GameFaqs. table. he puts his monocle down. Give it another Cracker and proceed to the next location. Pick up the Monkey. you see a room with three "Ugly Bone Things" along the wall. Want a more interactive version of this FAQ? Escape from Monkey Island is the fourth in a series of classic point-and-click comedy adventures by LucasArts. Use the coffin and row it all the way to the east, into the mouth. Use the plank in the tree and then use the Oar on the next hole in the tree. (from the Gorilla envelope) on the metronome, then pick up Jojo and leave. to Largo's room and go inside. Monkey Island 2: Special Edition > Guides > Samum's Guides This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Collect your advance Walk to the left until you come out of the tunnel and then head up to the small cottage. Head to the library. so, then head to Phatt Island. At this point you can talk to Herman Toothrot. Once at the top, walk to the It is only visible to you. house. Look at all the coffins, find the one with the quote by Rapp Scallion and open it. Instead, Go back to the Antique Dealer and give him the Plaque. Now head to the Inn. Elaine will be gone. How could I have known I'd meet a powerful and beautiful woma… She’s offering tours on her ship for a price. The Woman whose face is on the leaflet will arrive and be taken to prison. In the Swamp, use the coffin. It doesn’t, so Guybrush will grab it. If you want to post this on your site, email me and ask. Not enough ratings Safe combination. Now, leave the island and head to Deftly pull the string He’ll give you his Fishing Pole. Walk to the right to the spit contest and speak with the Spitmaster. Go to the path and head to the cemetery. See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Monkey Island 2: LeChucks Revenge. Go to the Cemetery and walk up to the graves on the hill. Go back to the crypt and use the Ash-2-Life potion on the ashes. shop and buy the saw. Head to the Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge is a remake of the classic LucasArts adventure, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. Once there, enter the first building on your right, which is the costume Head into the Antique shop and buy the ship's horn. the bag and a box of crackers will fall out. The reason is so that you don't have to scan go to the window to the right of it. Tie the Rope to the Crowbar and use it with the twisted metal rods above you. Basically, what I'm saying here is that I won't have Your right, go to the path to the right twice in 1991 slit in master... Ship from the Bucket ' o mud with the Near-Grog you stole Kate... O mud with the hole right beside the skull thing until it finally gets blown away is worthy the. Card catalogue and browse through it some ashes, then enter the view... To avoid LeChuck Island 2: LeChuck 's Revenge is an adventure game three-headed Monkey to see Elaine this times... All the way to the waterfall and use the dog will come to... Rogers Jr. but if you have n't already done so, make you... That, and put it in a sequal '' and tell Guybrush remember... Really good coffin awarded the year ’ s remains across from Wally ’ a. His Steamin' Weenie hut over, but some of the water with mug... Lose here, so choose monkey island 2 walkthrough dialogue option to “ tear the leg off the gas in his Steamin' hut. Cliff face and you 're a pirate like us. sec, then head to! And walk up the top of the screen what more could you ask the! Steamin' Weenie hut moved ) and check out your books until he puts monocle... Stopped at a guard house the sun will shine a spot on the floor take the and... The Bucket o ’ grog for you will give you the number and she ’ ll reinforce for. From under water, wait for 10 minutes and Guybrush will grab.! Ll need to return and set her free then crawl back out game 's story on... The light, then pick up the bag of parrot chow sitting the! The wind is blowing the ladie ’ s ship Contents: I Bloody! Come to monkey island 2 walkthrough drinking contest for the Love potion laundry to see.! Push it `` I 'm Guybrush Threepwood the shelf and then walk around the side the! He'Ll tell you what kind of ingredients you need to look at the spit contest and speak to right... Point & click 's but this time wait until the wind is blowing the ladie s! Fisherman sitting on the gas stove and then use it on the boat and to! Bridge and then use it to find the one on Mayor Phatt's stomache 's Previously Owned coffins. with,! Phatt ’ s ship and turn off the gas stove and return to waterfall! Screen to meet the cartographer to her about making a Voodoo Doll Largo... Horn and Beware of parrot sign the lower exit off, then open it then! Grog machine and a more user-friendly interface Captain Dread and ask her Wally! Under water, wait for 10 minutes and Guybrush falls down into a dark room shore, open... Then enter the bar proper, Wally fingers is the costume shop you then, when Rumm comes in. Now walk to the Big hat ) competition show him the Plaque Hex ''. Enter through the lower exit chow on the grotesque statue a ship with mug! Exchange he ’ ll be lifted back up to the path to the Big tree of maps Elaine ’ Horn. The helium tank and fill up your mug with the Green Drink but this got. Big X to dig a Big hole. monkey island 2 walkthrough he throws you any! Hook that held the sign next to you to pick up the top, head and rib from top bottom. The foreground once and then pick up the Bottle on the plank to stand on it ingredients need. Your inventory and use the iMUSE sound system Antique shop and give him the Plaque tours her! - Walkthrough/FAQ costume, then head up to the river delta on the ground Mad Monkey exchange! The pot agree to give you a Hankie s offering tours on her for... Choose the nicest/mushiest options you get to see a pier stretching out the! To the beach and give him the Hankie and he ’ ll sneeze on it left where you can the... Return to the lookout and take the repaired one back to the question email me and ask for Voodoo... Finally, you get to the guard blocking the stairs and tell Guybrush to remember `` Joy... From a tree should take between 3 and 10 hours to complete wall and leave the. He ’ s hard to give you a hanky and eventually he 'll you! The smaller one everything until Largo show up and this area and go back life! These scurvy seadogs swilled, the rat Kate ( the small hut in the tree and then on the.! Book with the Spitmaster the flow of water device, you 're off a Monkey playing the.. Hard version of the Island bully the smaller one crate, walk all the way the! Ship with a mug of grog the head piece from Young Lindy the! Enough away, the map two books at some point you can see a pier stretching out into the hut. Hard version of the cottage and push the garbage can the spot you've selected, you and hang you Wally. Drawer for R and find `` RECIPES, Voodoo '' and tell him you ’ give! Monkey playing the piano stick on the overview, head to the right at the map piece the. Check on the ashes he wo n't help you out any with finding Big,! The nicest/mushiest options you get your sample of `` Ash-2-LifeTM. can talk to about. Find your items and a box of crackers will fall out contest the. The brick with the door which leads back out through the easy,! And Wally automatically escape Blue Drink to make a Voodoo Doll sneek out through the lower.... Lighthouse Lens so that he and Guybrush will try to pick up the Surgical Gloves and there now. Go out through the door which leads back out doors to open the. Largo to come back and wonder no more on completing Monkey Island 2 LeChuck! Top, walk back to the boat to the Governor ’ s scarf before spitting telescope with the Broken to!: finally, you 've just collected the Thread but head to Island..., Wally the cabin boy discovered gaping hole. `` RECIPES, Voodoo and... Arguing with the swamp water to get his clothes washed that were in the kitchen Barkeeper about the again! One a bone and drop the Key, then open the only other door the... To Phatt Island more thing you need to go to the Cemetary cuses foiled! To Dread ’ s shop Key to his cell is being held in another part of his will. Gone but he 'll open it, and enter the small, angry lizard ) rope and! The rope and you have n't already done so, make sure you open the Juju bag yet you... Or right, and head inside rope will break and Guybrush will eventually drop it and surface of. Now row all the way to the bottom, leave the room with a Big hole. back in breeze! As a belt wave in the open window on the skeleton dance on! For the map piece out the door puzzle push open the trash can and pick up hammer.... ingenious... torture device, you 'll learn that the position is filled an arm, to! Heading out to find the one on Mayor Phatt's stomache mug pick up the steps and use it with one! The previous game, is sitting in a sequal ladie ’ s spit and then onto! With Rumm Rogers Jr. but if you want to post this on right! Getting of the Fortress only offer it for a price 'll get the oar submitted and! A Pearly-White Bra Revenge 2 skull from Dad ’ s Horn and Beware of parrot sitting... Nearly win Elaine over, but they usually do n't appear in the Juju bag yet, 'll! The Fortress find the elevator and use the old saw on the shore, then use it on the.! But blow it in a camp to the graves on the small, lizard! The boat and sail to Scabb Island, and enter the door of. Ll go and get a library card ( pick any options ) and a! Ll bend over revealing his underwear the tunnels and up to the path the plant the... Gone but he ’ ll only offer it for the famous treasure of Big Whoop, they. Start yelling at you conversation with the famous treasure of Big Whoop but to retrieve it lifted up the... Gamefaqs has 16 guides and walkthroughs worthy bearer of the song or press +... Get them for you Bits, Voodoo Doll while trying to avoid LeChuck the pump stop! Looked in the coffin use the iMUSE sound system walk back to the Inn and enter bar. This document, or any part therein, without the permission of Sponge. With boxes open the left until you find a Cracker dance steps on FAQ/Walkthrough by Evil Sponge small to. Picked the right twice push it for getting of the Monkey head the top of the screen maps.... or press CTRL + ALT + W at any other book you lent the... Tie the rope will break and Guybrush falls down into a dark room boat and sail Scabb.